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Criss Cross

If a person criss-crosses an area, they travel from one side to the other and back again many times, following different routes. This is precisely what IWL alumnae do.

In Criss-Crossing, we showcase the re-connection of women, who have played a role in each other’s growth during their IWL journey. They could be mentor and mentee, re-connecting to check in with each other since their official connection ended. Or they could be two women that the IWL process connected during group calls and found that they shared a common interest. Not only is it wonderful for them to see each other again, they also share their learning and insights in an interview for IWL alumnae to enjoy.

If you have a special relationship with an IWL Alumnae and would for it to be featured on the website write to A member of the Creative Writing team will contact you within the next 10 days.