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August 2022
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Changing the world one woman at a time

Welcome to IWL. Whether you’re beginning your journey, continuing your mentorship path, or making the IWL experience available to women in your company, you’ve come to the right place.  

Inspired Women Lead is shaping the next generation of women leaders through cross cultural mentorships spanning every continent. Founded in the belief that women are the catalysts of change, IWL’s worldwide peer to peer mentoring process is as unique as it is valuable. What started with 10 women in 9 countries in 2016 has now grown to include over 85 countries with mentees, mentors and IWL alumnae on every continent.

The founder of IWL envisioned the leadership of women alongside their male counterparts bringing us all to a world of peace, collaboration and understanding where each person is valued and respected for their uniqueness. 

IWL mentoring is for the women who seek to be...

You have a fire within you to make a positive difference at home and beyond.

You seek to increase your self confidence as a leader.

You want to express your ideas and opinions effectively, and to be heard.

You desire the support to accept greater leadership roles.

You seek meaningful connections with other women leaders globally.

You are comfortable communicating in English and have reliable access to the internet.

The Magic of Mentoring

Your overall commitment is for 12 months: six months of being mentored and six months of mentoring a woman from a different country, culture and life experience. Each month’s time commitment consists of two 45-minute sessions with your mentee/mentor plus a 75-minute group call.

Begin Your Journey

You’re the investment! You pledge your time and commitment, corporations underwrite the experience. Click Begin Your Journey to complete the questionnaire. When the application has been submitted, we will contact you for an interview.

Match With a Mentor

Once selected, you are matched with a mentor who comes from a different world experience than your own. She will be your mentor during the first six months.

The Mentee Process

Mentees commit to two 45-minute sessions a month, plus a 75-minute group call. The monthly group call allows you to meet others in the program, and to become part of a global network. For mentees, these calls facilitate discussions around a monthly theme and lay the foundation for the next.

Become a Mentor

During the second six-month period, you will become the mentor to another woman. Our carefully curated monthly mentor training sessions will prepare you to become a confident guide for your future mentee. You are supported and trained throughout the program by a team of Inspired Women Leaders.

The Mentor Process

Mentors commit to meeting with mentees for 2 sessions a month and are required to participate in the monthly mentor training group call. As a mentor, your monthly call is mentor training for the following month.

Alumnae Journey

Once you successfully complete the 12 months IWL mentoring program you are invited to join an elite sisterhood of alumnae from 80+ countries. This is your invitation to transform the world one woman at a time.


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Alumnae community

A Community of Inspired women


By harnessing the beauty of Inspired Women Lead, the Alumnae Community has much to offer as we continue to evolve and expand together. Step on board and continue to transform the world, one woman at a time!

WHY SIGN UP? You’ll gain exclusive member’s only access to an online knowledge base with alumnae profiles, articles, webinars, coaching and speakers – including lots of ways to connect to your inspired peers around the globe. As we grow our community and alumnae programs – so will you!


It is through partnerships that Inspired Women Lead flourishes. Each new partnership is a multiplier for IWL’s mission, and each new partner contributes a new set of rings to the IWL ripple effect.

Our Story

Inspired Women Lead grew out of Bonnie Fatio’s conviction that women are the world’s change catalysts. She had a vision of a world of peace, collaboration and understanding where each person is valued and respected for their uniqueness. For this to come true she envisioned women leading in all areas of society, around the globe.

To act on this vision, Bonnie Fatio founded Inspired Women Lead in June 2016. She crafted a unique peer-to-peer mentoring program starting with 10 women from 9 countries on 4 continents. In turn, each woman then mentored another woman. Since then, a fast-growing number of Inspired Women Lead’s alumnae are changing the world – so far in 85 countries, and on every continent.

Bonnie Fatio founder of Inspired Women Lead
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