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“If we wish to create a better world, we must bring authentic female leadership to all levels of society around the globe.” ~ Bonnie Fatio, Founder, Inspired Women Lead

photo Laetitia FATIO

Laetitia Fatio Gaillard
Executive Council Member
Lausanne, Switzerland

After 20 years of global experience in Customer relations & care, aftersales and
operations management as well as holding diverse executive and board positions mostly in male dominated technical environments, I realize what it means to stand out just by being a woman and the importance of remaining authentic.

Having defined and launched worldwide concepts and strategies to improve customer experience and reduce costs as well as having built and motivated multi-site & multicultural teams, I appreciate the richness of exchanging with different cultures and the fact that there is no one-size fits all.

Being a wife and a mother of 3 fantastic children, I desperately try to balance my life and stick to the values which are dearest to me.

These are just some of the reasons I feel so strongly drawn to the Inspired Women Lead organization. I have taken on the Alumnae position within the Executive Council as I believe the Mentoring Program is only the beginning/part of our journey as Inspired Women Leaders. I want the power of this amazing authentic feminine leadership network to continue to thrive, grow and for us to continue supporting each other way beyond the 12-month Mentoring Program.

Any ideas and contributions are always welcome!

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Bonnie Fatio
Founder / President
Geneva, Switzerland

I think of myself as a change catalyst. It is inspiring to see someone act on her dream, especially when that dream benefits others.

Born and educated in the United States, I met my Swiss husband while in university and moved to Geneva, Switzerland where I neither spoke the language nor understood the culture. Despite this, Geneva offered opportunities to prepare me for creating Inspired Women Lead.

It began with helping to launch the first daycare center in Geneva, then serving on homes for elders, education advisory councils, as an elected City Council Woman, and civic organization leader. I assisted efforts to have more women reach professional positions at the United Nations in Geneva and served on an advisory council to the High Commissioner for Refugees.

As Global Ambassador of Women’s Leadership of the World YWCA (girl’s empowerment) and International Board member of ECLOF (making fair credit accessible), I witnessed how women transform communities at the grassroots worldwide. I sat with women on mats in the slums, grandmothers in huts, and girls in the fields as my sisters.

Women are the promise of the future. It is why Inspired Women Lead is so important to me. Women need the courage to step forward in greater numbers at all levels and lead with feminine values. Only then will we positively transform the world into one of peace where each person can thrive and contribute.

Parallel was a career in education, business and healthcare specializing in motivation before launching the movement AgeEsteem®, and authoring AgeEsteem: Growing a Positive Attitude Toward Aging and e-book 7 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest Right Now.

Although IWL is all encompassing, I enjoy my advisory status to leaders, as Global Ambassador of Female Wave of Change, and quality time with my grandchildren who keep me relevant.

Bonnie Fatio

Andrea Oostenrijk
Executive Council Member
Information Technology
Colorado, United States

As a Project Manager for several corporations in different fields, I quickly realized how much louder women had to be in order to be heard. How frustrating it is to be brilliant, and not shine. I shifted my focus from corporate to pursue a direction of personal growth that included consulting, web design and building a platform for our daughters to have a voice.

I joined Inspired Women Lead because I wanted to be part of a movement that allows women to become who they are born to be and not who they are told to be. I believe that any steps we take today will have a positive impact on women around the world.

As an Executive Board Member for Inspired Women Lead, I direct and support the information technology environment and ensure that our capabilities are aligned with the organization’s vision, mission and direction. I enjoy making things as efficient as possible so that our time can be spent growing the program.

I am married to a Dutch husband and enjoy sharing multi-cultural experiences with our three young children. In my free time, I organize and lead a Girl Scout troop of teenagers, volunteer at the school district, run a household, bake, and enjoy horseback riding in the peace of nature.

My vision is to support a world with more authentic feminine leaders and create a pathway to help girls find their authentic voice; allowing them to recognize their fire inside.

Renée van der Burg
Executive Council Member
Onboarding and Engagement
The Netherlands

My role as global HR Leader in international high-tech companies, I have experienced many times what it is to be the one who “stands out” and at the same time needs to “fit in” to make the impact I was looking for. That impact has always been getting the best out of people, teams and the organization, so talent management, leadership development and creating engagement and change were my focus.

After returning from my assignment in Singapore in 2016, I took some time to redefine what would be next for me. And with much reflection, many conversations, additional training, including the IWL mentoring journey, I concluded that I wanted to continue what I liked best in my corporate life, with a clearer focus and in a different environment.

So, I now run my own consultancy on career and leadership development and I am Board member in several organizations, with a particular focus on empowering women. I have joined Inspired Women Lead, because I want to inspire and empower women to step into their authentic feminine leadership. Women have all that it takes to make meaningful changes in their lives and in the world around them using their feminine values, energy and leadership and the IWL mentoring brings out all of that!

As Board member for Onboarding & Engagement, I take care of the inflow of new women in the program every cycle and of matching mentee/mentor pairs according to the IWL values. I love the connections with so many interesting and inspiring women across the globe!

I am happily married, a proud mother of two grown children, and a long-term dog lover! In my free time I love to travel, read, listen to music, cook, sing, draw mandalas, work out and meditate.

My dream is to have masculine and feminine values and qualities used and appreciated equally across communities and organizations, since this will lead to a world with more respect, compassion and stability.