Our Partners

Heroes with the Passion to Transform their Communities

Our Partners

Inspired Women Lead is grateful for the partnerships that make our global mentorship program possible. Our partner organizations and educational institutions share the IWL vision that our future is strengthened by the inclusion of authentic feminine leadership in organizations and management structures.

It is through partnerships that Inspired Women Lead flourishes. Each new partnership is a multiplier for IWL’s mission, and each new partner contributes a new set of rings to the IWL ripple effect. 

We invite corporations to partner with IWL to include more women in this program thereby furthering their own corporate cultures and expanding the environment to include more female leadership. To partner with IWL, please reach out to our Partnership Program Liaison

Skyguide is committed to providing safe, efficient and sustainable Air Traffic Management in Switzerland and adjacent parts of neighboring countries. With its 1,500 professionals at 14 locations, the company guides civil and military flights through Europe’s busiest airspace.

Earthfire’s Mission is to reawaken our deep connection to wildlife and nature through Reconnection Ecology™, expanding our sense of community to include all living beings and moving us to protect thriving habitats for all life.

FWOC is a global movement with a clear mission that intends to create a better world for all; a more connected, more conscious, more sustainable, and more humane world.

MOD-ELLE tackles gender stereotyping in career aspirations for young people. The Swiss non-profit association engages with children in the classroom to share about career paths and insights around gender expectations. They invite children to reflect on the links between the knowledge and skills they acquire at school and their application in professional life, in order to understand the importance of their studies for their future and to obtain insights into various professions.


CHANGING THE LIVES OF GIRLS IN LAIKIPIA, KENYA. Formed to build an inclusive society in pastoral communities where the rights of women and girls are respected and they have freedom to access SRHR services including menstrual healthcare for adolescent girls, young women.  

Zinaria Rice is a healthy and nutritious brand produced in Ghana. In the Northern Region approximately 120,000 rural women are offered the opportunity for sustainable and increased income through rice processing. All women are trained and provided with resources that ensure that our finished product is of high quality and meets the preference of consumers.