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Inspired Scarf – Donation Gift

CHF 98.00


Registered for the Global Reunion event 2024? Use your event reward coupon at the checkout. You will find this coupon in the email you received on June 20, subject -Inspired Scarf pre-order-

We introduced the Inspired Scarf in 2019 when 49 women came together for the Inspired Women Lead Global Event. All over the world “magic scarf wearers” are being questioned about its meaning, asked where one can buy it, and told how gorgeous it is.


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This is a PRE-ORDER make sure you order the scarf BEFORE JULY 28

When you purchase a ticket for the Global Reunion Event 2024, you will receive the event reward coupon via email.(20-06) If you haven’t received it contact us at

The new scarf can now be purchased by everyone in the Inspired Women Lead community.

The Inspired scarf is wanted by many of you, so here is a new pre-sale option. When we have at least 10 orders we can start sending out a print demand. We worked hard to keep the cost down and the quality up. This new version of the scarf is a bit longer and it is printed on the softest silk-cotton blend that feels like the gentle mentoring caress. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity – for yourself or a friend and to support the IWL community.

All proceeds of the scarf (after covering production and handling) go directly to support the program Inspired Women Lead offers to change the world one woman at a time. When you click to order the magic of the Inspired Scarf, more magic mentoring happens for more women around the world.

The magic of the scarf

The scarf was designed specially for Inspired Women Lead.

Our founder Bonnie Fatio had a vision for a unique gift that would send out an empowering message about the organization. She wanted something that would cross all borders because every culture and country knows what a scarf is. It has always represented many things, from expressing beauty to being a practical item.

Designer: Embrace of Love, 2019

All orders are processed as donations. Your donation gift is the Inspired Scarf.
You will receive an order confirmation after completing the payment transaction.

  • Pre-order ends July 28th.
  • When you purchase a ticket for the Global Reunion Event 2024, you will receive the event reward coupon via email.(20-06)
  • Participants of the Global Reunion Event 2024 in The Netherlands will get their pre-ordered scarf at the event.
  • Shipping is included in the prize
  • Material: Full Color print on Silk Cotton 30% silk, 70% cotton.
  • Size: 63 x 180 cm (25 x 63 inches).
  • The scarfs are printed by a Dutch fashion fabric company in the Netherlands.
  • All scarfs will be mailed via post to your provided mailing address. This is included in the price.
  • We will email you when shipping will start (about 6-8 weeks after our production order has been placed).
  • We will make every effort to get this amazing gift to you as quickly as possible.