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Pay it forward

You've graduated! what next?

Are you seeking to further your authentic feminine leadership and realize your vision? Do you want to remain connected with the Inspired Women Lead community in some way? 

We offer many opportunities for you to continue to develop your leadership within Inspired Women Lead while helping us with our common vision of transforming the world one woman at a time

Pay it forward means showing your gratitude for something you’ve gained, by in turn helping someone else in the future. We encourage you to go out into the world with your vision and positively influence others. Here are some ways we can do that together!

Nominate a women to participate

Every six months we start another program for women joining our mentoring program. We find that the best new mentees are those who have been referred from a woman who has experienced the IWL mentoring. So please do connect with colleagues and friends to share our program. 

When you connect with another woman who you think would be perfect for the program and have shared the benefits of the program you have experienced, then please send her this link so she can find out more and apply online.

Join our alumnae Community

You’ve surely heard about our Alumnae program which you are eligible to join once you have fulfilled your pledge and graduated from the mentoring program. This will enable you to stay connected with the community of other Inspired Women Lead alumnae so that you can continue to help, support and learn from each other while nurturing your authentic feminine leadership.

If you haven’t received your personalised invitation, please email us on to request one.

*As per our statutes, we do ask for a membership fee to sign up as a member, to help us with the running costs. If you would love to join but can’t afford the fee, please contact us to discuss your options.

Volunteer with us

As a volunteer led organization, we lead our program and administration primarily on the goodwill of our unpaid Executive Council members and a team of volunteers: women who lead group calls, watch over mentoring pairs, return to mentor again and offer specific skills to help us with running events or improving our presence.

There are always opportunities to share your time with us, and to develop your leadership in new ways. Would you like to become actively involved? Please complete our volunteer request form and one of our Executive Council members will contact you directly to have an informal discussion around your skills and availability.

Volunteer Sign up form

We thank you so much in advance for your offer of service.

Donate to say thank you

We offer our 12-month mentoring program completely free to those who apply and are accepted. This enables us to include women from diverse backgrounds, industries and communities around the globe. We are led by volunteers, however, like all organizations, we do have running costs and financial needs for development. We wish to grow and improve our offerings, and this takes funding.

Every amount, no matter how small, that we receive in personal donations contributes to our program and allows us to reach more women. 

If you found some value from your time with us and are able and willing to donate, we would be immensely grateful. There is no pressure or obligation to do so. You have already donated your time and commitment. Occasionally individuals wish to say thank you.

Donate to Inspired Women Lead

Share your story

Have you had an experience with the Inspired Women Lead program that you would like to share? Have you been able to grow as a leader, overcome difficulties, or better define your vision?

Our aim is to help more and more women around the world, and still care very deeply about each and every individual and their story. When we get feedback sent to us, especially when IWL has been shown to make a positive impact, it motivates us to continue to serve this great community.

Share your story