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Bonnie Fatio
Bonnie Fatio
Geneva, Switzerland

Class of 2016

Industry:Educational Services

Best way to reach me:email, WhatsApp

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About Me:

I dream of a world of peace, understanding and collaboration where each individual is valued and respected for her or his uniqueness.  This can only happen when women step into leadership at all levels in all areas around the globe. That is why I founded Inspired Women Lead in 2016. It is also why IWL is now led by women from around the world.

My professional journey began as a teacher of children with special needs, then taking me into education including top management and teaching at University, orchestrating the set up of a pediatric heart surgery institute, creating two businesses, election to the Geneva City Council here in Switzerland, serving on local and international boards, serving as the World YWCA Global Ambassador of Leadership, speaking and training on all continents, and founding two not-for-profit oranizations: AgeEsteem and Inspired Women Lead.

My greatest joys have been working with, and learning from, women. Whether sitting on mats with women in the slums of Asia, visiting them in the fields of Africa, or speaking with them in Parliament in Europe it is clear to me that we need more of these women to be heard, to be active in decision making, and to lead us as equal partners to the existing male leadership.


I am the author of my life.

Hobbies & Interests:

People watching and walking in nature are at the top my list along with just laughing and being silly with my grandchildren, sisters or friends.

Layovers in airports provide me with endless hours of learning from the actions of others, and opportunities to meet and interview women about their dreams and challenges. I love learning in all forms, especially from opportunities to meet new people and to share their daily lives, even for a short time. Communing with nature restores my soul and lightens my spirit, as does being with those I love.

My Publications:

Book: AgeEsteem: Growing A Positive Attitude Toward Aging, Morgan James Publishing, New York, 2008

Ebook: 7 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest Right Now!